Khandesh College Education Society's, Moolji Jaitha (Autonomous) College's
Swami Vivekanand Junior College, Jalgaon
Junior College Index No.: J-15.16.009 | UDISE Code : 27031602214

Financial Aid & Scholarships

In the college, students can avail themselves a number of scholarships and/or financial aid:

A) Central/State Government Scholarships / Freeships :
The college helps the students to get the following scholarships :
Government of India Scholarship / Freeship,
Eklavya Scholarship, Hindi Scholarship,
National Talent Search Scholarship,
National Merit Scholarship,
Scholarship to physically handicapped students,
State Government Open Merit Scholarship,
Economically Backward Class Scholarship,
Sports Scholarship by Sports Authority of India,
Scholarship to bright students from rural area,
Primary/ Secondary School Teacher Wards Scholarships,
Scholarship to minority students,
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Swadhar Yojana,
Dindayal Upadhye Yojana etc.

B) Financial Aid by the College : Poor Student Aid Fund,
Endowment Scholarship & Prizes,
Aid under Earn-Learn Scheme.
(Every scholarship has specific norms for initial sanction and its continuation.
These are also displayed on notice Board at appropriate time.)
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