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Features of Biology Lab

The study of biology provides structure with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. The knowledge of biology include – scientific data, concepts, hypotheses, theories, methodology, use of instruments and conceptual themes. So, the role of laboratory and field learning becomes a key component in understanding biology.

• Our two spacious labs are modern infrastructure providing a broad range of biological specimen and equipments for practicals offered by experienced staff. Microscopes of differing powers are available.

• Labs are equipped with work tables with sinks water supply, electrical outlets in sufficient quantity to support a lab. Adequate ventilation, reference materials and lab size allow students to participate in real hands on activities. Every student should have direct, hands-on activities. Every student should have direct, hands-on experiences with laboratory materials.

• Teachers have special staff room to access to labs during their preparation times.

Distinguishing Features

1. Size of Lab 1 & 2 : 50 ft. x 30 ft.
Staff Room : 11 ft. x 10 ft.
Preparation Room : 18 ft. x 11 ft.

2. Total Exhaust Fans : 17 and Ceiling Fans : 10

3. Labs are specious and airy. Proper cross ventilation avoids suffocation during practicals.

4. Separate Gas pipe line with 64 burners is maintained time to time.

5. Total 25 wash basins with running tap water.

6. All hazardous chemicals are kept separately in properly labeled bottles.

7. Total 60 students can perform practicals in one Lab. So in two sessions 240 students perform practicals.

8. Alternate electricity source (Generator) available.

9. Fire extinguisher Sys is available in labs.

10. First Aid Box is also available.

11. Manual as well as electric centrifuge machine, sensitive electronic balance are available.

12. Safety instruction boards, location of chemicals kept in various racks mentioned on instruction board.

13. Molecular Models, charts are available for students.

14. Separate drawers and cupboards for students to keep their belongings.

Computer Lab

This is an age of computer and fast processing information technology. The college aims at training and preparing the students for the future challenges. Ample time is allotted to all students along with optimum lab exposure. The computer labs consist of technically advanced system which are interconnected via high-speed LAN with high speed broadband internet access that fulfills all the programming, learning and innovative needs of the students and faculty. The college has six well equipped laboratories (30 x 18 Sq. Ft. each) on the third floor of Swami Vivekanand Bhavan. In these labs practicals of Information Technology and Computer Science are conducted. Labs are air conditioned and well equipped. Computers have the latest software solutions with printing facility. The college campus is completely Wi-Fi connected.
1 Computers HP – Intel ( R ) Core ( TM ) I3-2120
CPU 3.30 GHz Processor,
4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD,
DVD Writer, 17” LCD Monitor,
KBD, Mouse
2. LCD Projector Epson EMP S5 Lumnes 2000 01
3. Printer HP LaserJet 1020 Plus 07
4. LAN Switch 16 / 24 Port 06
5. Manage Switch 24 Port 01
6. Switch Rack Trutuf 08
7. Stabilizer 7.5 KVA Phase - I 06
8. Internet 40 MBPS (ISP - BSNL) (Shared) 01
9. Generator Larsen & Turbo Limited India
– 125 KVA / KW
10. Scanner Canon Lide – 120, Canon Lide – 320 ,
HP ScanJet G 2410
11. Music System Intex Hooper Set 5.1 01
12. External Hard Disk Seagate USB 1 TB 02
13. CCTV Camera Hikvision HD Camera +
DVR – 16 Port with 1 TB HDD
14. Green Board 7.71 x 3.71 Ft. 06
15. AC Panasonic 05
16. Microprocessor Kit Dynalog 8085 05
17. Basic Gates AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR 04

Electronics Lab

The Electronics lab is modern electronics laboratory. It is used for teaching and practical purpose for 11th and 12th Std. programes. The laboratory specializes to plan long term projects and electronics prototypes manufactured in an assembly line.

Area of Responsibility :

• We have 50 x 30 sq.ft. precious area of electronics lab.
• Students can be trained in the entire area of electronics lab
• Execution of industrial and students project work is maintained.
• Circcit design and simulation for analog digital and mixed signal.
• Automatic assembly and test circuits.
• Measurement technology
• Sensors also available in the lab.
• Power electronics are also used in the lab.

Facilities of the Electronics Lab :

• 2 channel oscilloscope, 1 GHz with the power analysis and I / Q signal analysis.
• Kits for experimentation
• Bread boarc and other consumable items
• Digital storage oscilloscope
• AC, DC power supply of 1 KW and 1.5 KW
• Electrical installation and safeguard tester
• Dimmer of 0 to 270 V.
• Universal measurement amplifier
• 2 channel waveform generator
• 2 channel laborator power supply
• Multimeter for various use
• Stopwatch
• P.C. workstation
• Operational amplifier
• Oscillators

Objectives of Lab :

• To inculcate the skills by the way of breadboard circuit design with electronic devices and components in the students
• To design and analyze various electronics circuits. So that students are able to understand practical aspects of basic electronic theory.
• To enable the students to stimulate and test the analog, digital and mixed electronic circuit with different way.
• To prepare the students for the future electronic courses.
Distinguishing features in Physics Lab 1. Size of Lab I & II : 50 ft. x 30 ft. each
Staff Room : 10 ft x 11 ft
Apparatus Issue Room : 18 ft. x 11 ft

2. Capacity of One Lab : 60 Students in one Lab at a time in two session.
3. Well furnished, spacious and airy Labs.
4. Alternative electricity source (Generator)
5. Safety measures are available.
6. Proper natural light is available for light experiments.
7. Sufficient and proper storage place for apparatus is available.
8. Tables are facilitated with proper and safe electric connections.
9. Sufficient apparatus are available for individual performance.
10. Working and well conditioned equipments are available like voltmeters, ammeters, tunning forks, etc.
11. Latest updated apparatus are available.
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