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Swami Vivekanand Junior College, Jalgaon
Junior College Index No.: J-15.16.009 | UDISE Code : 27031602214
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About Faculty

About Arts Faculty

Arts is the tool for pupil to develop themselves and imparts social, moral values, tolerance, love for nature, love for all friends. Arts faculty provides the education which moulds the good citizens for the country. Languages help the pupil to understand the globe, it lowers the disparity culturally, socially, economically. There is great stress and strain in the society, other social subjects and philosophy helps students to live stress free life also teaches to love each other. Arts faculty convey experiences to students.

Life is full of up and downs students can overcome them by applying a learned philosophy. If we are using the education as a tool to overcome the problem which come across to us. We are called well educated and cultured. It depends upon individual how to apply education whether to safe for society. Arts stream opens the doors of different opportunities of careers trough MPSC, UPSE examinations.

Arts faculty doesn’t build the barriers in student carrier whereas it breaks such barrier and enables pupils to seek the admission in various professional courses. Having the education in Arts faculty student can serve the society and country with excellence. Arts faculty and the teacher cultivate the social and environmental awareness among the students.

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