Khandesh College Education Society's, Moolji Jaitha (Autonomous) College's
Swami Vivekanand Junior College, Jalgaon
Junior College Index No.: J-15.16.009 | UDISE Code : 27031602214
Academic => Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

1. Discipline is the integral part of education and hence our top most priority is discipline.
2. Every Student shall wear clean suitable and presentable clothing.
3. Representations, complaints and grievances, if any, may be informed to the principal through the staff-in-charge of students’ welfare.
4. The College authorities will not own responsibilities for the costly jewels worn by the students. Students should attend all terminals and model examinations without fail.
5. Attendance is taken at every lecture and practical classes.
6. No Students will be allowed to take active part in any political activity, directly or indirectly, associated with anti-social activity with the aim of violence.
7. Every student should wear the identity card every day.
8. Every student must obtain college identity card within a month from the date of admission otherwise he /she will be subhected to penalty of Rs. 50.
9. Students are strictly prohibited to smoke consume drug, narcotics, tobacco, Gutka, in college premises, Not only this, but if a student, is found in possession of narcotics and drugd, he will be liable for punishment under the Mumbai Police Acr, 1951.
10. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited within the campus.

Disciplinary Rules

(1) Students shall abide by the general and special rules framed by the college authorities from time to time regarding their conduct.
(2) No student will be allowed to take active part in any political activity directly or indirectly, associated with anti- social movement or any activity resulting in violence. Students shall not, in any way, disfigure the premises of the college and the hostel buildings or tamper with the furniture, electric connections, laboratory apparatus etc.
(3) Every student must bring Identity Card in college.
(4) Students are strictly prohibited to smoke/consume drugs and similar things. Student found guilty will be liable for punishment under the Mumbai Police Act 1951.
(5) Ragging and such similar activities are strictly prohibited. Breach of these and such other rules will make the students liable for expulsion from college.
(6) Students are admitted to the college, subject to the control of the authorities in regard to their conduct in college premises.
(7) Students shall not remain absent for lectures & practicals without proper cause & an application for leave for absence shall be submitted to the concerned Vice—Principal, failing which strict punitive action will be taken.
(8) Students are not allowed to misuse mobile phone & disturb others in college premises. Strict punitive action shall be taken in case of misuse/disturbance by mobile.

Identity Card

1) Digital Identity Card will be issued to every student by college.

2) Each student must have the Identity card with him/her while on the campus; failing which, disciplinary action shall be taken.

Terms of Attendance

1) Attendance of students is recorded for every lecture & if a student remains absent continuously for three consecutive days, he/she will not be allowed to take his/her practicals until satisfactory explanation is furnished by parents to the Vice Principal.

2) 75% attendance of total number of days in a term is necessary to enable a student to be admitted to the final Exam.

3) A day’s attendance means attendance to all lectures & practicals prescribed in college time table for the class which the student is studying.

4) Students should not remain absent for lectures /practicals or any examination without proper reason and an application for leave for absence should be submitted to the vice-principal well in advance.

General Instruction

1) Those who wish to leave college in between, should submit a written application along with receipt of fee & Identity Card.

2) Those who are eligible for different concessions like E.B.C., Primary/ Secondary Teacher's wards, Freedom fighter's wards/ Wards of Govt. servants must submit prescribed application form with necessary documents within the dates mentioned in the separate notices which are displayed from time to time on notice boards.

3) Girl students shall submit parent's declaration in two copies in office as per the notice, failing which they would not get ladies freeship.

4) For vocational subject in Science faculty & Information Technology, a separte application Form 'B' along with a photocopy of Marks Statement of S.S.C., School leaving certificate & Caste certificate must be submitted at the time of admission.

Change of Subject / Faculty

1) Change of subject or faculty is normally not allowed.

2) Subjects selected for continued for Std. XI shall be continued for Std. XII.

3) With the prior permission of the Vice-Principal, change of subject or faculty can be made up to 15th July as a special case. It is necessary to submit an application in prescribed form & pay a charge of Rs. 50/- for such change.

4) A student passing Std. XI Science can seek admission for Std. XII in Arts or Commerce faculty. Similarly a student passing Std. XI Commerce can opt for Std. XII Arts. However, the college shall not be responsible for the pre-preparation of the faculty selected.

5) Vocational Subject once offered can not be changed under any circumstances at std. XII.

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