Khandesh College Education Society's, Moolji Jaitha (Autonomous) College's
Swami Vivekanand Junior College, Jalgaon
Junior College Index No.: J-15.16.009 | UDISE Code : 27031602214

Achievement & Activities 2022-2023

Sanskrut scholarship - 2022-2023

Sanskrut scholarship :- 60 students of Class 11 & 12 Sanskrit subject in academic session 2022 - 23 are eligible for National Sanskrit Institute Delhi Merit Scholarship* Also 25 students secured 100 out of 100 marks in Sanskrit subject in class 12 board exam.

Yuvati Sabha - 2022-2023

The college has constituted Yuvati Sabha to do activities related to overall development of the girl students along with their regular studies. This platform provides them to develop into integrated and elegant personality with sound mind and healthy body. The programs organized under Yuvati-Sabha includes :

Inaugural Function of Yuvati-Sabha, Lecture on Health and Hygiene ,Personality Development, Creativity Programs, Women’s Day etc.

Objectives :
1) To enhance overall personality of girls.
2) To empower girls.
3) To emancipate girls from all social evils and injustice.
4) To impact creativity, divergent thinking and leadership quality.



YUVASPANDAN - 2022-2023

To connect teachers and students outside the classroom ,an annual function 'YUVASPANDAN' is arranged.

It is an event in which students can showcase their talents which helps them build confidence and learn to collaborate.

Various events and segments are included in this function.



Kala Mandal - 2022-2023

Kala Mandal is one of the initiatives of the co-curricular activities to be conducted in the academic year for the holistic development of the students. This year the following programmes have been celebrated.

1) Satyashodhak Samaj Foundation Day
Dr. Anil Kshirsagar (Asso.Professor, Dept. of English M.J. [Autonomous] College Jalgaon) was the chief guest. He delivered a very informative lecture on great social reformer- Mahatma Phule, Satyashodhak Samaj and it's precious works for the social, cultural, educational upliftment of the downtrodden people during the British Rule.



2) World AIDS Day
Mr. Hemant Pimpale, (Asst.Teacher S.V. Jr. College Jalgaon) delivered a valuable lecture on AIDS-
Causes, Preventive measures, Understanding and Misunderstanding of the disease, contribution and role of the Government and NGOs to aware a society about the disease.



3)Various programmes like Rangoli Competition
Poem Recitation
Story Telling Competition were also organised.
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