Khandesh College Education Society's, Moolji Jaitha (Autonomous) College's
Swami Vivekanand Junior College, Jalgaon
Junior College Index No.: J-15.16.009 | UDISE Code : 27031602214

President's Message

   Swami Vivekanada introduced the whole world to Indian spirituality and Philosophy. He also convinced the world about the importance of education for the development of human life and educational philosophy for the nation building. Swami Vivekanand Junior College of Khandesh College Education Society is ready to impart the student the same values of life and perfect life skill in Indian style for personality development along with formal education at higher secondary level.

   It is a junior college with all the facilities required for higher secondary education focusing on students not only from urban but also rural areas. These students need to have new abilities to meet the changing situations and the challenges that arise from it. New changing perspectives in today’s fluid society, new functions in the free economy, globalization, privatization has many dimensions and their effects seem to be affecting the process of education at all levels. Considering all these factors, the Khandesh College Education Society has set up Swami Vivekanand Junior College. For this Khandesh College Education Society has provided a magnificent, independent building (Vivekanand Bhavan) with all aminities.

   The excellent education system, principled teachers, visionary, comprehensive system and the obsession for modernity will be five pillars of the progress of Swami Vivekanand Junior College. We assure that this will not be compromised.

Best wishes for the future…!

Pradnyawant, Nandkumar Bendale
Khandesh College Education Society, Jalgaon

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